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How to buy CutMan ? Is it a proven solution ?

We are glad you're here. You are interested in our solution but have doubts ? It is natural, let me guide you further. For starters, we offer:

Free presentation

It is a completely non-binding - a live presentation does not replace a thousand words. If you find it interesting what you see and hear our next step is:

Individual, free pricing

The more you tell us about yourself during the presentation will adjust better solution for you. You can count on several options - I think it is better to have a choice right ?

Remember !

The direction in which we follow is: You -> Our systems. We modify systems for you - not vice versa :)

Also pay attention to:

Our experience

We operate in this business since 2004. These ten years is a valuable lesson for us patience and humility. We do not want you to sell something that works only on paper or in theory - important companies in the industry use our solutions - is a definite advantage !

Lifetime license

We like simple rules and agreements. Our are simple. You buy the program and looking forward to his work on any number of computers between now and the end of the world. Simple?

Not only software

Decide to cooperate with us and purchase the software you get not only the finished program, but also a comprehensive service, which includes: design, implementation, configuration, commissioning, training.

After installation service

You've heard a saying that all software is so good how successful is its service ? We think it is the honest truth, so You are not alone after the purchase ! In addition to the standard warranty we provide additional service. If you want, we'll take care of the whole system, and we will carry out any changes in its configuration. Service coverage guarantee you the system in the model 24/7/365.

No hidden costs !

We do not create hidden costs and provisions in the contracts the fine print. We believe that a satisfied customer is our best recommendation and advertising.


But do not take our word for it ! Ask our clients !


Coming soon, you will find here a demo version of the application.