High functionality

System features

What you can do with CutMan ?

System features

The biggest advantage of the system Cutman is adapted to the specific needs of your business. Cutman is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that presents at one point all the information necessary for the management of the company. Among the features provided are, inter alia:

  • Detailed statistics and order history for any period of time,
  • Automatic and maintenance-free verification and valuation of contracts with cutting optimizer,
  • Graphical presentation of the original system of cutting elements,
  • Advanced service-stocks, requisitions, orders and deliveries of raw materials for production,
  • Specialized labeling of workpieces with graphical information about firming edge (also for any unusual items)
  • Proprietary storage module labeling moieties,
  • Grouping production based on production plans,
  • Error control of production,
  • Operation of the packaging process elements,
  • Invoicing,
  • Sales of finished goods warehouse,
  • Customer access to self-ordering and viewing the status of the order,
  • Sending SMS alerts customers to change the status of the order,
  • Complaint handling.


Cutman system works with other systems software'owymi and machines used in the furniture industry, including:

  • Optimizers cutting HPO, CutRite,
  • Accounting software,
  • Schelling automated warehouse,
  • Machining centers, edge bander
  • Barcode scanners,
  • Label Printers Datamax and Zebra,
  • Cash and fiscal printers Posnet,
  • Frontman web service system.

Supported assortment

There are no restrictions regarding the products and services supported by the system Cutman. We cater to any range found in the furniture industry, including:

  • Boards,
  • Countertops,
  • Edges,
  • Furniture accessories,
  • Services.


Coming soon, you will find here a demo version of the application.