The modular design

System modules

Which modules do you use ?

All the system functions are grouped into modules, which are responsible for the most important aspects of your business. Modules and functions are marked so that the system was convenient and easy to use. Therefore, the operation of the system is possible even by people without special training. The modules can be freely selected and configured during system deployment.

Available modules group:


Module group containing all the information about your customers and their orders. With modules in this group you set the current status of your order.


Group responsible for the preparation and tracking of production processes. Here you can server warehouse demands and supply of raw materials as well as perform a process of packing finished parts.


Wondering if you have adequate offcut ? Where is it stored ? How many offcuts I have in stock ? What is the value ? All information available in this group.


Warehouseman will be happy. Condition of goods, demand and acceptance of raw materials, finished issuing orders. Everything at a glance.


Commercial documents, reports, cash / bank and financial operations of customers. Favorite group of business owners.


In this group numbers rules. Detailed data on sales, production and inventory. Are you curious customers who comprise the largest order ? Or maybe you want to know which services and materials are the most popular ?


Here you can assign the appropriate users access the system to its various functions. Messages module will allow you to inform your customers about current promotions and new products.


The new board ? Price change ? New product or price group ? You are in the right place.


Admission only for "eagles"! The heart of your system is here. Cuting plans, optimization, pricing, and other specific system settings.


Coming soon, you will find here a demo version of the application.