CutMan in short

Why CutMan ?

Learn the advantages and benefits of the system implementation

Designed for carpenters

If you provide cutting / laminating services or sell an furniture assortment this system was designed just for you

Modern and flexible

Getting to know your company and create a system that will support and automate the processes running in it. This is achieved through the integration of the machines used by you, and applications.

All in one place

From an order by cutting and laminating packaging, release, and invoicing. Control of all processes at one point - Cutman.

24 hours a day

Your clients may at any time submit and verify the order, check its cost and estimated delivery time. Additional benefits include verification of the status of orders and SMS notification of their evolution.

Compatible with HPO and CutRite

Compatible with a wide palette of available cutting optimizer software is a priority for the furniture. We understand this and we guarantee full cooperation with market-leading software of this kind.


Got a problem with offcuts ? Our offcut storage unit is designed to help you optimize and use offcuts resources.

Processes under control

You develop unusual elements such as bevels and arches ? Cutman offers you detailed mechanisms print labels on items containing detailed information on veneering any shape.

Production to order ?

Do not have an warehouse ? Your production is just for order ? We will help you to comprehend ! List of deficiencies and storage needs will solve your problems.

Schelling automated warehouse

Do you have a advanced storage solutions? Integration is not a problem, cooperate with the Storage Manager software.

Let us develop together

When your business is growing also expanding the scope of functionality of the system so that it meets your current needs. You do not need to replace the system with a new one.

Data security

Your data is stored safely on your own local server and not on external servers on the Internet. Thanks to attain optimum speed and you provide them with the highest level of security.


Coming soon, you will find here a demo version of the application.